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Study: Sunitinib Does Not Cause Tumors To Grow Faster After Treatment Ends
FDA Approves Testosterone Gel
In-Vitro Assessment of a New Portable Ballistic Lithotripter with Percutaneous and Ureteroscopic Models
Perioperative Outcomes and Oncologic Efficacy from a Pilot Prospective Randomized Clinical Trial of Open Versus Robotic Assisted Radical Cystectomy
arterial embolization for BPH treatment
bladder cancer screening made easier
radical prostatectomy, perform or not to perform ?
FDA Approves Testosterone Gel Travel Packs.
Concern About Safety Of HPV Vaccine On The Rise Among Parents.
Recipient Age Should Not Preclude Kidney Transplant
Salvage radical cystectomy can extend the survival of patients who have recurrent urothelial bladder following a partial cystectomy
Nocturia May Contribute To Poor Sleep Of Seniors With Insomnia.
Researchers Look For Cause Of Rising Rates Of Testicular Cancer In Scandinavia.
LVH May Lead To Higher Risk Worse Renal Outcomes In Patients With Hypertension.
Using Laparoscopic Digital Light Processing Hyperspectral Imaging
Sustained-Release Antibacterial Varnish-Coated Biopsy Needle for Reduction of Infection Rates Following Prostate Biopsy—In Vitro Model
Increasing Dwell Time of Mitomycin C in the Upper Tract with a Reverse Thermosensitive Polymer
Stones Lodge at Three Sites of Anatomic Narrowing in the Ureter: Clinical Fact or Fiction?
Renal Oxygenation During Robot-Assisted Laparoscopic Partial Nephrectomy
The Effects of Oxazyme on Oxalate Degradation: Results and Implications of In Vitro Experiments

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