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Subcutaneous nephro-vesical shunt
Left ureteroscopy due to multiple left ureteral stones
A 55 year old male with left flank pain from 4 months ago and left single kidney and 25 mm stone in lt kidney was referred
A38 y old man showed up in emergency department due to gross hematuria and filiform clotts in his urine.
A 26 y old male with left flank pain and sever left side hydronephrosis underwen ...
4weeks After nephrostomy placement renal function amelioration was seen
a 25 year old single man, with prior left varicocelectomy presented to urology clinic due to constant swelling in left testis without pain
right side UDT and Hernia
what is your opinion?
PCNL , choice for staghorn renal calculi
Stent induced passive dilatation of ureter
Crusted stent
post PCN arterio-calyceal fistula
left flnk pain and hematuria
A 67 year old female presented with bilateral chronic noncolicy flank pain to
60y old male with chronic lt flank pain from 6 month ago
Blind percutaneous renal simple cyst ablation based on CT scan tract calculations
a 56 year old female was planned for left side PCNL due to 5 renal stone in different lower and mid segment calyxes of her left kidney,

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