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years old diabetic man with left flank pain from 2 mounces ego that tul was done duo to left uretral stone and came to sina hospital urology service for treatment of left kidney stone
79 years old woman that after radiologic evaluation duo to musculoescletal deformity,distinguished lage left kidney ston .
A 37 years old woman complaint from left flank pain since a few months ago .
A 66 years old woman who investigated for left flank pain founded as left kidney stone in pelvis Stone burden estimated about 25 mm .
A 39 years old man reffered with left flank pain that was increased during few past month.
A 10 year old boy with right flank pain and evaluation and diagnosed right ureter stone ,patent undergoing tul .
A 67 years old man that undergone radical cystectomy 7 years ago was investigated due to abdominal discomfort & right flank pain & founded as right kidney stone & referred to us for PCNL
A 41 years old man with bilateral kidney stones came to sina hospital urology service . He had a history of TUI that treated .
A 65 years old woman who was undergone right kidney PCNL 2 years ago in another hospital comes with left dull aching flank pain .
52 years old woman with right flank pain from 3 mounses ego and without obstructive or infectious urinary symphtomes came to sina hospital urology service.
A unmarried 37 years old man presented with a large left scrotal mass without pain .he was a history of lt testis mass 2 years ago that he did not follow it.
A 27 years old man who had complaint of dull left flank aching
28year old man with right kidney stone accidentally diagnosed abdominal sonography.he did not have urologic signs or symptoms
a 60 y old man presented with RT flank pain since 1 weak ago , the pain was intermittent with out any radiation and progressively worsened in the last 2 days.
50-year old man
A 33 years old man who had undergone left kidney PCNL in 5 months ago now is candidate to right kidney PCNL due to right kidney's lower & pelvic stone .
A 63 years old woman who was underwent radical cystectomy due to high grade T2 TCC, complaint of right flank pain
A 52 years old man who complaint of right flank dull aching founded as bilateral kidney stones that is confirmed in IVU :
A 49 years old man that presented with right flank pain since 2 years ago with no history of urolithiasis & previous kidney surgery . in investigation there was Rt kidney severe hydronephrosis wit
A 66 years old man who was investigated by right flank pain

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