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Spermatocytic seminoma does not occur as part of mixed GCTs
spermatocytic seminoma does not arise from ITGCN
GCTs are broadly classified as seminoma and NSGCT, and the relative distribution of each is 52% to 56% and 44% to 48%,
mediastinal seminomas carry a similar prognosis to testicular seminomas
The incidence of bilateral GCT is approximately 2%
Mediastinal NSGCTs are more likely to have yolk sac tumor components and thus to be associated with elevations in serum รก-fetoprotein (AFP)
Of the top 10 nationally notifiable infectious diseases in the United States in 2008, 4 were STIs
TMP-SMX eradicates gram-negative aerobic flora from the bowel and vagina
10% of patients with chancroid also have HSV infection or syphilis
Infants fear separation from their primary caregivers and exhibit stranger anxiety;
all patients with spina bifida should be regarded as having a latex allergy.
ketorolac significantly reduces the incidence and severity of bladder spasms
Ketorolac is the only parenteral NSAID (15 mg/mL and 30 mg/mL) available to treat pediatric pain,
Acetaminophen is the most widely used antipyretic and analgesic medication in pediatrics
Continuous epidural analgesia (CEA) provides excellent perioperative analgesia in infants and children undergoing thoracic, abdominal, pelvic, and perineal surgery.
adult-level GFR is not reached until 12 to 24 months of life.
adult-level GFR is not reached until 12 to 24 months of life.
cardiac output in children is heart rate dependent, because the stroke volume is relatively fixed
When testis-sparing surgery is performed, biopsies of the adjacent testicular parenchyma should be done to rule out the presence of ITGCN
seminomas occur at an older average age than NSGCTs

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