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Features suggestive of malignancy on intravenous pyelography include calcification within the mass, increased tissue density, irregularity of the margin, and distortion of the collecting system
At 10 to 12 weeks’ gestation, the fetal kidneys begin to produce urine
Congenital heart defects are very common, occurring in approximately 1 of every 120 live births.
Congenital heart defects are very common, occurring in approximately 1 of every 120 live births.
By the end of the 16th week of gestation, all lung branching occurs, resulting in the terminal bronchial airways.
When testis-sparing surgery is performed, biopsies of the adjacent testicular parenchyma should be done to rule out the presence of ITGCN.
HIV-infected men are approximately two times more likely to develop seminoma
width of the stone is the most significant measurement affecting the likelihood of stone passage
UPJ obstruction is the most common cause of significant dilation of the collecting system in the fetal kidney,
Sclerotherapy of hydrocele is most useful in older men in whom fertility is no longer an issue
Human sperm mitochondrial DNA is very susceptible to mutations
The rectus abdominis arises from the pubis medial to the pubic tubercle
indinavir stones are not visualized in CTscan
UTIs are fivefold more prevalent in HIV-positive individuals than in control subjects
, Spermatocytic seminoma is not associated with a history of cryptorchidism or bilaterality
If any motile sperm are found in the ejaculate 3 months after vasectomy, the procedure should be repeated
Pyelonephritis is classically associated with fever, chills, and flank pain.
ureterocele is characterized by a thin-walled, cystic dilation within the bladder and not extending beyond its walls
For a healthy child undergoing uncomplicated surgery, the risk of an adverse event is approximately 1 in 200,000
superficial circumflex iliac, external pudendal, and superficial inferior epigastric vessels branch from the femoral vessels

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