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Initial suprapubic cystostomy is the standard of care for major straddle injuries involving the urethra
Incomplete urethral tears are best treated by stenting with a urethral catheter.
Immediate suprapubic tube placeĀ­ment remains the standard of care in men with posterior urethral injuries.
All penetrating or intraperitoneal injuries OF BLADDER resulting from external trauma should be managed by immediate operative repair.
Early exploration and repair of testicular injury is associated with increased testicular salvage
Microvascular reconstruction of the dorsal arteries, vein, and nerves is the preferred method of repair for the amputated penis
Human bites of genitalia produce contaminated wounds that often should not be closed primarily
overall success of TVT procedure for SUI is above 80percent
Physical examination of the inguinal region remains the clinical gold standard for evaluating the presence of metastasis
upto 50 % of scrotal skin loss can be repaired primarily
penile reconstruction are usually carried out 3-6 weeks after initial trauma
today forearm flap are most commonly used method for phallic recostruction
dorsal congenital curvatures of penis are rare
recommendations require dual antiplatelet therapy for 12 months for drug-eluting stents
recommendations require dual antiplatelet therapy for 6 weeks after bare metal coronary stents
polyethylene glycol is preferred in the elderly and in patients with renal insufficiency, congestive heart failure, existing electrolyte disturbances, and cirrhosis because it is completely nonabsorba
Proper intrauterine growth and development are absolutely dependent on the presence of normal amniotic fluid volume,
The secretions from the seminal vesicle contribute approximately 50% to 80% of the ejaculate volume
Epididymectomy may be indicated in men with chronic infection or abscess of the epididymis unresponsive to antibiotic therapy
indinavir stones are not visualized in CTscan

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