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penile skin defects are covered by split thickness graft
asymptomatic urethral hemangiomas could be observed safely
lichen sclerosus is most common cause of meatal stenosis
wait 4 to 6 months before closure of urethrocutsneous fistulas
evaluation of failed hypospadiasisincludes VCUG RUG and cystoscopy
amyloidosis is adifferential diagnosis in uretheral mass
recurrence of stricture is the most common complicatio of internal urethrotomy\
The fetus is at the highest risk from radiation exposure from the preimplantation period to approximately 15 weeks’ gestation.
Preoperative enteral feedings can decrease postoperative complication rates by 10% to 15% when used for 5 to 20 days before surgery
Obesity is a risk factor for postoperative wound infections, and, when appropriate, laparoscopic surgery should be considered.
For chronic epididymitis, a 4- to 6-week trial of antibiotics that would potentially be effective
treatment of infectious epididymitis is levofloxacin or ofloxacin for men older than age 35 years
Acute epididymitis starts in the tail of the epididymis
treatment of infectious epididymitis includes ceftriaxone or doxycycline for men younger than age 35 years
Chronic epididymitis refers to inflammation and pain persisting for over 6 weeks
Acute epididymitis represents sudden occurrence of pain and swelling of the epididymis associated with acute inflammation of the epididymis
Initial suprapubic cystostomy is the standard of care for major straddle injuries involving the urethra
Incomplete urethral tears are best treated by stenting with a urethral catheter.
Immediate suprapubic tube place­ment remains the standard of care in men with posterior urethral injuries.
All penetrating or intraperitoneal injuries OF BLADDER resulting from external trauma should be managed by immediate operative repair.

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