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radation therapy is inferior in terms of long term control of penile cancer
prophylactic inguinal radiation has nor role in penile cancer management
Raynaud's phenomenon is considered a long term sequel of chemotherapy for germ cell tumors
TERAtoma increases relapse rate in germ cell tumors
PET scan is not recommended in non seminomatous germ cell evaluation
left kidney is the most common organ removed during RPLND
celiac trunk involvement procludes surgical resection of germcell tumor
left paraaortic lymph nodes are most comon site of relapse after RPLND
no birth defect is reported in children conceived after treatment of testicular cancer
greatest risk in the hypothyroid patient is thyrotoxicosis or thyroid storm, which can present with fevers, tachycardia, confusion, and cardiovascular collapse after surgery
The disadvantage of oral antibiotic preparation is primarily related to increased incidence of pseudomembranous coliti
cystoscopic follow up is recommended 6 month after urethroplasty
monocryl suture is used to reattach spatulated urethral ends in urethroplasty
It is recommended that blood glucose levels be controlled between 80 and 250 mg/dL during preop period
patients with a body mass index (BMI) of greater than or equal to 45 kg/m2 may lose anywhere from 8 to 13 years of life
SSIs account for approximately 40% of nosocomial infections in surgical patients and potentially prolong hospital stay by 7 to 10 days
a urine pregnancy test on the morning of surgery in any woman of childbearing age is mandatory
a urine pregnancy test on the morning of surgery in any woman of childbearing age is mandatory
all lymphatic vessels should ligated or clipped during RPLND
patient should be advised to complete sperm banking before RPLND

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