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With the exception of spermatocytic seminoma, all adult invasive GCTs arise from ITGCN
significance of intratesticular microlithiasis in the general population is unclear
The incidence of GCT appears to be increasing worldwide
Seven-day therapy is the preferred regimen in uncomplicated cystitis in men.
The urine and the urinary tract are normally sterile.
Obstruction to urine flow is a key factor in increasing host susceptibility to UTIs.
The incidence of bacteriuria also increases with institutionalization or hospitalization
UTIs are considered to be the most common bacterial infection.
Antimicrobial suppression is the prevention of growth of a focus of bacterial persistence that cannot be eradicated.
Antimicrobial prophylaxis is the prevention of reinfections of the urinary tract by the administration of antimicrobial drugs
prostatitis is the most common urologic diagnosis in men younger than 50 year old
The most common pattern of inflammation in prostatitis is a lymphocytic infiltrate in the stroma immediately adjacent to the prostatic acini
local prostatic immune system is activated by infection in bacterial prostatitis.
In the first trimester, the fetal bladder is considered to be dilated if larger than 7 mm on ultrasound evaluation
Girls will show spontaneous resolution of diverticula in association with VUR more frequently than boys
Reflux in posterior urethral valve patients carries a poor prognosis
Less than 5% of patients with anterior urethral valves have reached end-stage renal disease
chromosomal abnormality will be present in approximately 22% of individuals with hypospadias and cryptorchidism
Approximately 15% of seminomas secrete hCG. حدود 15 در صد سمینومها می توانند HCG تولید کنند
Approximately 50% of individuals with hypospadias and a unilateral nonpalpable gonad will have an intersex condition

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