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A 55-years old woman presented with left flank pain and hematuria that had been present since about 2 years ago. She had experienced 2 episodes of UTI during this time      9/17/2022

. She has also right flank pain but less intense. She had dysuria, urgency, sudden abruption of the urine flow. Lately she became oliguric and she had to strain in order to urinate.  The patient's medical history was unremarkable except hysterectomy about 11 years ago, curettage about 18 years ago and lithotripsy about 9 years ago. She mentioned antibiotics and pain killers as the only drugs she had been used. She reported family history of stone formation in her sister and her aunt and her cousins. She didn’t use tobacco, alcohol, or illicit drugs .Her physical examination revealed only CVA tenderness in the left side.patent undergoing PCNL by Dr Hamidi.