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percutaneous placement of extra-anatomical ureteral bypass prosthesis      1/15/2012

percutaneous placement of extra-anatomical ureteral bypass prosthesis

a 42  year old female with 5 year history of cervical cancer and extensive pelvic  radiotherapy  and chronic renal failure with baseline creatinine level of 2.1 mg/dl was dependent on bilateral nephrostomy for last 2 years  had dominent left kidney on DTPA scan with 82 /18 % ratio and underwent left side ureteral bypass prosthesis placement 2 months ago . on follow up she developped rt side flank pain and hydronephrosis due to which she under went right side nphrostomy and antibiotic therapy was initiated, creatinin levels were stable at 2.1 mg/dl.
 due to patient preference she underwent percutaneous placement of right side nephrovesical shunt under fluoroscopic percutaneous access and small hypogastric incision for cystostomy placement by Dr Aghamir and Salavati . patient was discharged tubeless with creatinin levels of 1.5 mg/dl





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