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Crusted stent      7/24/2011

A37 y old male under went lt side tul  and DJ stenting 2 months ago  and missed the visit time for stent removal 3 weeks post operatively was referred for stent encrustation due to unsuccessful cysto ureteroscopic stent retrieval , as the KUB shows patient was stone free, abdominopelvic CT scan revealed stone formation on both bladder and intrarenal parts of DJ stent, patient underwent renal  swl under sonographic control  ; on second cystoscopy stent could not be retrieved therefore cystolitholapaxy was performed and distal end of DJ along stone were removed from bladder, ureteroscopy was done upto distal ureter but due to renal stone formation patient’s position was changed to prone and percutaneous access to  lower calyx was established , pelvis stone was disintegrated by pneumatic lithotripter and stent was removed through percutaneous access


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