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left flnk pain and hematuria      7/10/2011

 M.F.   a47 y old male presented with ongoing left flank pain from 6 months ago, some times he passed filliform clotts in his urine, hematuria was confirmed in urine analysis and urine cytology showed atypical urothelial cells. An IVU was carried out, stricture of left upper ureter ith border irregularities was seen, nephroureterectomy was disscussed but wasn't accepted by the patient, he underwent cystocopy and lt ureteroscopy  biopsies from lt ureteral obstruction site showed low grade urothelial carcinoma, left hemitrigone biopsies were negative for malignancies, partial ureterectomy and anastomosis with frozen section clear margins was performed patient has been followed for 16 months with no clinical and cytological recurrence, unfortunately patient passed away due  to myocardial infarction 16 month post operatively


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